Allison Compton-MacComb


Content Strategist


  • Bachelor of Education – Concordia University of Edmonton
  • Bachelor of Arts, History/Political Science – University of Alberta

Allison’s fascination with the written word has taken her far.

First, as a high school English and Social Studies teacher, where she inspired young minds to love Shakespeare and the humanities. Now, as a Content Strategist, she spends her days spinning words into compelling website strategies, messaging and blogs.

Working in both agency and freelance roles, Allison brings over six years of digital writing expertise, with sharp skills in information architecture and user experience. Harnessing her Bachelor of Education degree, she bridges digital learnings to clients, always adapting her approach to align with the latest insights.

When she isn’t tapping away on her keyboard, you can find her studying fascinating history courses, nose-deep in a good book or working up a sweat at the gym.

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