Carolyn Agopsowicz


Digital Marketing Strategist


  • Bachelor of Art and Design – Red Deer College
  • Google Display, Ads & Analytics Certifications
  • IAB Canada Integrated Digital Marketing Certification

Imaginative, level-headed and whip-smart—Carolyn has helped dozens of clients across Alberta and Canada reach a new digital potential.

Carolyn’s creative nature imparts her analytical abilities with a tangible impact. Bringing over a decade of agency experience, she sculpts SEO, user experience and online advertising campaigns into masterpieces of remarkable results. 

Carolyn loves helping people and businesses flourish. She consistently transforms new ideas into game-changing solutions for local and national clients.

When Carolyn isn’t leading the charge for large-scale digital projects, you can find her crafting artisan soap, landscaping her gorgeous garden or making art with her talented husband.

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