Jonty Boshoff

Digital Marketing Specialist


  • Information Technology Certificate –?Medicine Hat College
  • Google Ads, Analytics and Digital Sales Certifications
  • Hubspot Inbound Certification

South Africa, Fiji, Australia, the United States—living in foreign lands has lent a dynamic perspective to Jonty’s digital knowhow.

Jonty first discovered his zest for online marketing when working in automotive sales, where he leveraged the latest platforms to reach captive audiences.

Over the past seven years, Jonty has made his mark as an SEO and digital advertising expert, growing his talents in freelance, in-house and agency roles. He loves knowing his efforts empower his clients with an online edge.

Beyond the depths of the web, you can find Jonty adventuring with his wife and two kids, getting lost in video games or plucking away at his guitar.

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